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The common problem of the tattoo machine use

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Friday 16 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

During the tattooing processing,some beginners often meet different and difficult problem trouble their jobs.what’s more,they do not know the reasons and how to solve the problem. For this phenomenon, i will show you some common problem involving the use of the tattoo machine are as follows. And the beginners and artists could examine the function of the tattoo machine and guarantee their tool’s quality. In this case, the artists could tattoo great tattoo images to the customers and establish a good brand for themself.

The problem could lead to needles’nonwork on the skin
The tattoo artists could not adjust the tattoo machine in a right way.
The length of the tattoo needle is too big to run on the skin.
3. The point of needle is curved or hooked.
4. The rate of recurrence of  tattoo machine is slow often be ignored by the artists.
5. The supply voltage of tattoo machine is too low.

The problem could causing the tattoo machine sometimes it works sometimes does’t work
The tattoo could not get a right electric shock.
The tattoo machine is overheat after the long time working
The connection point of the tattoo machine is contaminated by something.

I sincerely hope my suggestion could do you a favor and you can have a successful career. If you have any question and request don’t hesitate to contact me any time or land tattoo wiki.

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