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The classification of the tattoo needles

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Tuesday 15 April, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Classified by tattoo pinpoint
Tattoo is divided into two sorts,mainly obtuse needle,acute angle needle,round needle,rank needle and arcuated needle.
Obtuse needle refers to those pinpoint angle is large,about 20~30 degree. It is hard for this needle to thorn into skin owing to its large angle. Performance color is saturated and suits for totem and colorful image.
Acute angle needle refers to those pinpoint angle is small,about 5~15 degree. It is easy for this needle to thorn into skin because of its small and sharp pinpoint. So it suits for sketch and monochrome picture.
Round tattoo needles
Round needles refer to that those needle arranged in a circle,generally divided into round liner and round shader.
Round shader :this needle usually have a obtuse needle. And the needle evolved from hand acupuncture and easier to tied up. The distance between needles and the amount of pigment are small. So it is difficult to thorn into the skin and makes the coloring slow. Relatively, it is also easy to hurt skin. It suits for broad-brush secant or small and detail coloring.
Round liner:this needle generally is acute angle needle. The distance between the needle and the amount of pigment are small. So it is easy to thorn into the skin and make the coloring fast.what is more, it is not easy to hurt the human skin.
 Row tattoo  needles
Row needle refers to that needle is ranked in a row,generally classified into single row,double row,cross row and curved row needle.
Single row needle have obtuse and acute angle.
Double row usually is obtuse angle and belongs to old needle.
Cross needle is also named cross and double row needle. This needle is improve from single row and double row needle then turn to its combination have the both advantages. The distance between of the needle and the amount of the pigment is large so it is easy to thorn into skin. Presently it is the mostly used model owing to its piercing large area and little damage to the skin. There are also some difference among obtuse angle,acute angled, flat M1 and RM.
Cross row needle
 Flat cross needle refers to that needle have a and flat pinpoint.This kind of needle usually have many needles more than nine needles. You could find that using this needle would take place this phenomenon the both side of the needles thorn deep and the middle thorn shallow. Especially you would notice that it is more difficult to thorn large area fog tattoo image evenly.
 Round magnum refers to those pinpoint ranked in radian form and the radian in accordance with the skin radian. And then the tattooists could thorn the perfect image.
Round magnum suits for large area fog image, levels transition and profile thorn.

Generally the needle used for secant should be round needle, referring to ranked in the center of the circle when welding. Normally the diameter of the every needle is between 0.25~0.4. Speaking form experience the diameter of 0.3~0.35 is the most commonly used and worked well. The mostly used secant needle is moderate, as too obtuse and acute angle needle is not ideal. The treated needle is the best choice for secant. That is because the needle pinpoint is gathered together would not to bifurcate.
The most commonly used model is 3,5,7,9 and so on.

Row needle is used for fog and have lots of forms. The diameter of the row needle is the same with round needle. And also the diameter of 0.3~0.4 is better, generally the fog needle have a obtuse angle pinpoint for a great coloring. If the pinpoint is too sharp is easy to hurt the skin and the damage is big.

   Classified by tattoo needle model
   1) there is six model that is RL,RS,F,RM,M1,M2.
   2)(RL = round Liner , RS = round shader, F = flats, M1 = weaved magnum, M2 = stacked magnum and RM = round magnum)

   Generally the most commonly used model is 3,5,7,9 and so on. Too thin and too wide would not work well during the secant line process. The length of needle is often to be 1.5mm. The too short needle could not secant a clear line and too long needle are easier to make walking needle non smoothly. What is more, it will hurt human’s skin.
   When secant line the tattooist should wipe the vaseline to increase the sense of lubrication for needles running smoothly on the skin. And the effort of the secant line should be suitable, generally its less than the fog machine while its speed greater than fog machine. In this case, needle machine would secant a round and smooth line.
   Generally the needle used for for filling color is obtuse angle. Because too sharp needle pin is more easy to hurt the skin and color the skin.



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