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The charge standard of the tattoo

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Tuesday 14 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
How will you charge for tattoo? Tattoo in many parts of the charge is calculated according to the working hours, namely the numeraire for hours. Come into a tattoo shop, you will notice a good tattoo is usually cheaper. When considering the tattoo equipment, complex skills issues, and all the cost of the work space decoration, tattoo does nor too low price, the fact it is a kind of as customs will travel around the world a kind of art work for a long time. In addition to a tattoo free to friends, your price should be consistent, don't be complacent for technique improves the literally to raise prices, will return back after all these years and still expect the same price. 
To establish a standard as soon as possible, one method is to visit a good tattoo artist in your area, and he is how to charge up, but don't try to lower the price of this kind of means to strive for the customer. Because it is unfair to other tattoo artist, for the benefit of the moment to lower the price, then you will lose a lot of original worth contacts play friends, and also is not a good thing for you, because you are also difficult to put prices back again later. 
And don't simply haggle with tattoos guests by telephone, many people called to ask just out of curiosity, the purpose is to have some guests called looking for cheap studio, just welcome to come and look at them and tell them is definitely worth a trip. By telephone consultation is just a preliminary understanding of tattoo, suggest the guest to make a consultation can communicate directly and allowing people to understand the guest like tattoo types, makes it easier to find suitable for their taste, the price of natural can easily settled. Another popular way of price, called A - B - C method, make A few different size card, respectively, marked with A, B, C, the size of this card is the size of the tattoo, each card you separately stipulated price, according to the specific price let guests choose suits own design. , 
Another feasible method called price guide system, it is primarily used to modify failure tattoo, you can with the size of the tattoo area, and the complexity of the design to collect fees, so that you can save your time. But note that every guest in you is a beautiful work of art, so tattoo can't simply to area scale to measure the price. 
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