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The cause of the problem solution of tattoo machine

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Thursday 16 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
1, tattoo machine elastic rod without meeting inclined shrapnel on the contact of the elastic rod screws loosen the elastic rod rotating touch down, contact, then rotate appropriate location, tighten the screw locking elastic rod.
2, tattoos, the power switch is not open, switching power supply, open the power switch, the light is red
3, adjust the button (VOLTAGE) on the zero position, V table pointer is on the zero at the same time, adjust the button clockwise rotate slowly, at the same time also V table pointer
In rotation, V table pointer should stop in 6-10 V. 
Promptly contact before 4, elastic rod touch, touch is too tight, don't start, is more likely to have the power supply circuit, a power switch, the indicator light is light green, no voltage will stretch pole screw loosening, the elastic rod up loose from the shrapnel contact adjustable elastic rod run into contact again, restart the power supply, adjust the tension rod to the appropriate location.
5, work stop: at work, often accidentally also don't know when to pull the power cord, left the joint position.Check the pedal switch, the power cord plug have in place
The cleaning and disinfection of the 6, in the work has been completed, tattoo machine, the machine line ruptured the (dislocation), check the thrum of the tattoo machine for dislocation (break), want to find electrician, welding on the line
7, turned on the power jump "light green, check the power cord plug and plug on the pedal switch, if there is any broken, broken may touch line (short), breaking the thread, with a soldering iron welding, is OK!
The stand or fall of tattoo machine to determine whether tattoo work easily?Tattoo machine, all over the world have different styles, but the working principle of the same.Performance is a far cry from, needle, needle is different, have different work time length, consumables vulnerable degree also differ. 
A performance good tattoo machine, the number of it every second to Pierce the skin high needle (high frequency);In every seconds every time to Pierce the skin depth to maintain at the same depth of high frequency wave (needle);The second is the continuous working time is long.Again, whether is the machine design is suitable for some operating habits (if there is a scientific and rational). 
Tattoo machine working principle and method of debugging:
Tattoo machine through the middle voltage regulator, transformer, outside access to 220 v alternating current into a voltage value between 3-20 v direct current, under 3-20 v dc voltage, between two main coil and efi moments of suction and spray action, with the help of a tattoo machine the reciprocating movement of the spring piece, drive the tattoo needles produced high-speed, reciprocating movement up and down.A biggest benefit is that the work mode, and because without motor, motor drive, don't have to consider the loss of motor, horse power, so that can produce high speed, large torque.Work tattoo needle puncture epidermis layer of high speed and evenly, tattoo pigment into the base layer of epidermis layer, keeping the pigment fixation in epidermis, form all sorts of pigment combination of exquisite design and words, to modify the skin to cover the skin scar. 
Debugging of the tattoo machine step conditions
The first step: the tattoo machine needles with his left hand, with the index finger to resist the bottom of the "host", thumbs down "the needle fixed new" location.
Step 2: connect the ac power, the connector jack access tattoo machine.
Step 3: with the right hand thumb and forefinger "adjust the fixed button" to "relax" state.
Step 4: with the right hand thumb and forefinger pressure regulating knob, adjust the pressure regulating knob at the same time, with his right foot stepping on the pedal switch, start the tattoo machine. 
Step 5: the right hand thumb and forefinger to adjust the pressure regulating knob, pay attention to the right hand always cannot leave or relax the pressure regulating knob, until the tattoo machine to produce the best speed and sound.At the same time to touch the magnetic force of the left thumb belly front-end, needle bar fixed button below.Thumb with his left hand touch is the largest vibration numbness, itching (to) at this point, the tattoo machine is the best working condition. 
Step 6: in the debug tattoo machine, tattoo machine, should pay attention to our article (trip to tattoo machine magnetic and magnetic coil spacing) this trip must ensure that a minimum of 2.5 MM.Because in this way can we ensure the needle enough scale distance, to ensure that the needle can Pierce the skin layer when stretched out, and back again to shrink into the needle stick to pigment. 
Step 7: tattoo machine to the best state, the right to leave the "foot switch" - breaking power, tattoo machine in stop state, the right hand thumb Fixed button "adjustment" means and the index finger to adjust to the tight state, locking "press button".
Note: after completing the above seven steps, restart the tattoo machine, commissioning!Work best!Tattoo machine debugging is completed.Tattoo machine in the use of apparatus of voltage regulator, secant use voltage for 9-12 v, coloring or fog with 12 to 14 v.
Install the tattoo needles:
Step 1: debug tattoo machine to best A: sound loud and dense and stable;B: high speed, large torque.
Step 2: check whether the tattoo needle tip is damaged.
Step 3: with special equipment to unload "needle mouth screw" to remove the needle.
Step 4: the needle at the entrance to the top insert tattoo needle bar, the tattoo needle bar top hung on "needle bar fixed button" fixed.
Work matters needing attention:
Note needles do not touching the skin while working outside of any object, the potion, the needle must stop fibrillation, prevent the liquid medicine box, such as needlepoint bending will not be able to work, can use a sandpaper in needle direction to gently, and then, with a thick cocoon skin test needle, not hook the skin as well. 
Machine after each use, to prevent dirt, wipe the contact needle, needle disinfection, fuselage rub-up, the fuselage and two pieces of magnetic point to prevent rust.Such as contact point contact undesirable, light can use paper to wipe, or can use sand paper burnish adjustment screw.Use for a long time contact to fold down to mass, hands folded up when available.
Common faults:
A: such as needle walk has the following problems in the meat
1 improper adjustment (adjustment of FM three guest)
2 needle point bending (hook)
3 the needle is too long (the regulating handle grip)
4 frequency is too low (adjust FM gong wire)
5 low voltage power supply ()
B: such as sometimes work sometimes does not work with these questions
1 contact undesirable
2 improper adjustment
3 machines overheating (rest for a few minutes)
4 power cord contact dirty
5 the voltage is too low
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