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The cause of the hyperplasia after tattoo

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Sunday 07 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Many people do, there will be a scar, also called skin proliferation. It's annoy people, there are many reasons that cause scar, such as tattoo too hard, too big, hurt the skin possible scar. Contain allergic elements and heavy metals, and the unqualified pigment containing toxic substances can cause scarring. Tattoo maintenance in the process of recovery is bad, can also cause scars, etc. 
Put aside personal physique, the stand or fall of tattoo pigment and tattoo can not correctly after maintenance, the tattoo of techniques, such as the weight of the tattoo needle is a key factor, generally speaking the depth of the tattoo needles in order to achieve the dermis advisable, because only to reach derma layer color particles can better precipitation in the skin, not absorbed by the body, so the color can very good show, if only in the epidermis layer, probably with the shedding of skin, color is peeling off, but to the dermis will easily damage the skin organization structure, cause skin hyperplasia scar emerge if deeper, skin damage is bigger, also were more likely to form scar. The thickness of epidermis generally between 0.06 to 0.1 mm, through the epidermis is the dermis, do you have this data reference can know wen stab into the depth of the needle.. In addition, too many times repeatedly and aggressive, thorn may beat the skin, it can also cause skin damage is too severe and scar formation, therefore, in terms of both method of tattoo, skill and strength is the key. 
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