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The big six skills of portrait tattoo

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Thursday 01 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Before the first point, do first portrait, must work hard in the needle, be sure to select tip is sharp tattoo needle, needle point must be acute Angle pins, this fog is more exquisite, won't produce obvious stitch.
Second, select the pigment, the first to choose the tattoo ink pigment particles small, easily diluted, so this will make the work of administrative levels is more outstanding, more clearly. Second to choose two kinds of white ink to highlight white for highlights of the eye.
Third, the artist must first master the most basic of human body structure, including facial bone structure and muscle tissue. Second, the knowledge of portraits. Try not to use the method of transfer printing when doing portrait finalized, once dependent on transfer printing, then make a portrait is not vivid characters, no goal, lack of artistic appeal and individual character.
Fourth, the portrait of the finalized the secant method of traditional figure, do not use do to cut white line, and also is what we call line, is not stained with pigment, with fog to adjust the relations of portraits of light and shade. This technique requires the gentle, generally a portrait tattoo products, mainly in four hours to complete, so work to achieve the ideal effect.
Fifth, do a one-time complete portrait, avoid by all means the second creation, wait until the tattoo work, after the three phases of metabolism can review. Review, generally from the local adjust tone, not local repair. There isn't enough color found full fix the whole place needs to be.
Sixth, the choice of the grain portrait position, try to choose plane, skin smooth, delicate, not easy to accumulate fat. After general big arm, shoulder, chest, it is advisable to the outer edge of the legs or thighs. It won't because the guest change shape, and make the portrait contorts the distortion.

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