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The best way to Extend the life of the contact points of the tat

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Thursday 18 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
To extend the life of the tattoo machine in the contact point, occasionally need to use a good detergent for cleaning and maintenance. Emery paper out contact and the top wire is very effective, can also use the file top silk repair very clean and smooth. 
After continuous use, the front of the shell are connected to the frame and is equipped with the armature of the back of the shell is easy to be thin and need to be replaced. If you color enforcement feel very light, it is two pieces of shrapnel in one piece or two lack sufficient rigidity. If they become inelastic, you wouldn't have enough stretch to Pierce the skin, and was rejected by the skin before did not reach the required depth. Before replacing the shrapnel and armature, on one side of the armature standard tag, and in the middle of the front at the top of the coil wire coil skeleton also marked with signs (see chart). When you after the repair, in accordance with the armature and the signs on the coil skeleton and put back to accurately position the armature, so that the machine work better in the future. 
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