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The basic knowledge of tattoo inks

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Thursday 30 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
A. the role of tattoo inks   
The role of tattoo inks is in the art of tattooing, by acupuncture in certain depth within the human body skin, and can be relatively independent retained in the skin, in the last a period of time,through its own yan Color display tattoo art design.
tattoo inks color to show the length of time the general and the color of the ink itself and particle size, the tactics of the tattoo artist, the tattoo's own physiological characteristics, each 
are not identical.Generally known, has a long history Point of pigment, stay longer. 
B. the classification of the tattoo inks
tattoo inks according to the different point of view, there are different categories, but all classification is relative, different categories The pigment on the function and application according to the artist's personal interests are mixed, pigment and tattoos His instrument, is for my use. 
According to the function of the pigment points: the art of tattoo inks - for the sake of art, religion, personality factors or cover Yan scar birthmark purposes, such as the skin on the design of a certain area of grain carving art.Pigment --In pursuit of human aesthetic visual effect, the eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, local in areas such as the areola Cancel the coloring of beauty.
C. the elementary element of the tattoo inks
We can simple tattoo inks can be divided into basement and additives of two parts, base refers to the color Use of organic or inorganic materials such as paint, dye;Additives are fingerprints 
in addition to the base color of material objects Quality, such as water, alcohol, glycerin, resin and other scattered, moist, disinfection, such as emulsification effect of the material.
Base Many well-known pigment can flaunt oneself is the natural plant pigments/dyes, but now a doctor of the economic and social Would achieve chemical pigments/dyes, it is very easy and cheap, has a full set of natural plant pigment Often difficult and high cost.So, generally tattoo inks base material from inorganic pigments/dyes and have Machine pigments/dyes.Both natural plant pigment, and chemical synthesis of inorganic pigment or organic inksExpected, contain harmful ingredients.
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