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The basic introduction of the rotary tattoo machine

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Tuesday 24 December, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

Some experienced tattooist who must know rotary tattoo machine,since the rotary tattoo machine has been invented it win a good reputation. Not only because it have a good work function but also rotary tattoo machine has lots of advantages. There are some basic introduction of the rotary tattoo machine for the starters it will help them to pick up a best tattoo machine for their work.
Rotary tattoo machines use an electric motor that physically drives the needle up and down where a standard two coil machines uses magnetism to move the needles. Some advantages a rotary style machine may have over traditional machines are that they often weigh less than standard machines. Because a rotary uses a single motor instead of two coils, and an armature bar assembly, they can weigh as little as half as much as a standard stamped steel frame coil machine.
Rotaries are very simple; with no springs contact posts or armature bars to vibrate loose, weaken or wear out. Because of the rotary action, they are basically free from vibration and run virtually silent. There are No clip cords. Rotary machines use RCA jack inputs to power them, making them easier to plug in and manipulate.
Rotary machines run efficiently on the same voltage (about 5.75v to 7v) as a standard coil machine, there is no need to buy another power supply.
Rotary Machines also use the same needles and tube combinations as a standard machine and can be used to line or shade a tattoo. Rotary machines are a matter of preference. You’ll never know if one is right for you until you try one and decide for yourself.

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