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The adjustment of the tattoo machine skills

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Tuesday 09 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
A: adjust the tattoo machine needle length should be cautious, because the length of the needle (next) needle depth determines the thickness of the lines.Under normal circumstances should avoid long adjustment, because one: the needle is too shallow, pigment can dissolve in the blood and diffusion, commonly known as "muddy" situation.2: the needle is too deep, easy to damage the dermis, causing scar body, therefore, we suggest that the tattoo machine needle depth should be within 1 mm. 
B: the Angle of the secant line should not be more than 20 °, because if the Angle is too large, needle, prone to line muddy open situation, and in vertical state under the needle Angle with the skin is the easiest color. 
C: the use of transfer printing to do secant, should pay attention to the order of the secant, should according to the "bottom-up" "from right to left to complete the order of the", because such cases, not easily lead to scratch the transfer printing design situations. 
The secant needle technique
1, when the secant, in order to enter type style is given priority to, keep smooth, do not pause, can appear otherwise dotted lines and splash down situation. 
The depth of the needle should be under 2, 0.1 0.2 cm, avoid by all means is too deep, otherwise easy to cause the occurrence of the following phenomena:
A: the customer decorative parts of the red
B: increase the customer's pain
C: dissolve into the blood, leading to the spread of the pigment, produce the phenomenon of "muddy color
D: line coarsens, cannot achieve the original effect
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