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Tattoos and deal with the harm of human body

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Saturday 29 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, tattoo after infection: pathogen tattoo machines and tattoo needles can spread infectious diseases, such as hepatitis. The risk of infection is the American association of blood Banks require tattoo to wait for a full year to donate blood. Is very important to make sure all the tattoo equipment is clean, before use are sterile. Even if has the sterile needles used or used for the first time. It is important to understand that in some cases, whether the equipment make the needle carrier depends on its design. In addition, a tattoo of people must be sure took good care of the tattoo area, tattoo after the first cycle or injected with the pigment dye can normal activity. 
2, tattoo keloid formation: if you are very easy to form keloids (grows in the normal boundaries of scar), you will have formed after the tattoo the dangers of keloid. Keloids can be formed in you been traumatized skin injury or at any time. 
Allergic reaction after 3, tattoos: although the tattoo with pigment of allergic reaction is rare. Once happened, especially they have some small trouble, because it is hard to remove the paint. Rare is the person that tattoos may develop into an allergic reaction, and to last for several years. 
Granuloma after 4, tattoos: this is a small nodules, probably around in vitro of foreign matter and form, for example of tattoo pigment particles, etc. 
5, remove trouble spots: although laser technology is very advanced, tattoo removal is a process of consuming energy. May be impossible to completely remove tattoo, leaving no scars. So, you should be careful choose tattoo. 
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