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Tattoo transfer spirit of four steps right techniques

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Friday 05 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Transfer spirit Soap for the particularity of safe non-toxic chemical substances, can dissolve the copier of ink, and dissolution of ink at the same time a quote on the skin to the body. 
First, wants even, transfer  spirit Soap do not apply too much, too much, dissolve too full reaction can cause tattoo line is fuzzy; 
Second, about the size of the pattern, according to customer needs, can adjust the pattern by the magnification and shrink the size of proportion; 
Third, transfer of spirit, the whole process of operation to customers in a natural relaxed state, because the skin has certain elasticity, as the activities of the limbs, muscle contraction, body twist, skin will be stretched, shrinkage, distortion, then the pattern transfer spirit to has the deformation of the skin, in the process of operating patterns did not change, such as finished after the customer return to natural relaxed, so design will be as the change of skin expansion and changes shape. Especially in JianBei, abdomen, waist, neck, more attention should be paid to large range of activities. Ex: the man's arm head in flexor muscle and biceps and relax the skin tissue is not the same. 
The fourth, in the use of transfer spirit paper, a copy of the proposed raising the proportion of ink concentration and increase the transfer paper around 140% of the best increase color, (increasing the proportion of the ink) which is easily coloring. 
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