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Tattoo thorn method: how to make a tattoo of complementary color

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Sunday 17 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Recently found that a lot of tattoo customer consulting all the same question, is the color of the tattoo after tattoo can fall? Will exist over time will be complementary color? Complementary color of what will happen? 
Actually does not fill to complementary tattoo this depends on the artist's technique and tattoo parlors in tattoo ink, in general regardless of color or black tattoos for a mature technology of the artist, the tattoo is not demand compensation! Due to solid tattoo artist, the first tattoo ink enough precise injection to the stability of the skin layer (grain tattoo ink in the skin layer is not easy to be metabolism), and the second can stable in the skin layer will tattoo ink density to cut saturated state, as long as you arrive at the same time the two conditions of tattoo, after the restore is permanent, even after decades won't appear fade phenomenon. And, of course, the late your tattoo care, if you are late is not good for improper or tattoo care nursing can cause the situation of the complementary color. 
So if you don't want to get tattoo complementary color, it is not just looking for a good tattoo parlors, professional technology with tattoo artist later care is also very important! 
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