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Tattoo skin damage reduction methods

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Thursday 27 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
I think that is the best effect with the least amount of the needle into the number will be enough tattoo ink into the target location, at this point, if put aside tattoo technology tattoo machine problem was discovered. 
Fast and hard skin lesions caused by the tattoo machine is big, slow and soft the skin lesions caused by the tattoo machine was low. 
The reason: fast and hard tattoo machine it bounce back to work in each needle mouth in the stay time is short, the other reason before the shell is hard, can bounce back after the excitation-loss stroke is small, then caused the tattoo tip tattoo ink dips a little, can, of course, being sent to the target location is less. 
Instead, slow and gentle machine at work in the retraction to each needle mouth for a long time, the other reason before the shrapnel is soft, can bounce back after losing their magnetic trip also big, also is equal to the increased the amount of pigment dip take tip, can be admitted to a target location is much more! 
Although I only tested on the practice skin: two pieces of color saturation of the same basic practice skin cross-sections were observed under the microscope, I verified the above analysis. The experiment also include the specification of the same practice for tensile test, the result was the same. Hard play fog machine piece broken first! For reference only! 
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