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Tattoo process in detail

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Thursday 12 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Also many years ago, some people think tattoo is tribal symbol and brand personality, now with the development of the society, tattoos have become a multi-disciplinary comprehensive art form, it combines art, culture, medicine, psychology, has certain borderline, with color is the tattoo needle into the skin and make the some design or word on the skin, but little has been before experienced tattoo can clearly say what tattoo process. 
Tattoo artist by injected into a person's skin to draw tattoo tattoo ink. They use the shape (and sound) and similar electric drill tattoo machine for the job. Electric tattoo machine has the following basic components: a sterile needle, a pipeline system, used to ink absorption into the machine, Tattoo Foot Pedal, used to control the vertical movement of the needle. Move up and down the machine drives the solid needle, 50-3000 times per second the frequency on the skin of piercings, tattoos, needle around a millimetre per needles into the skin, and injected into a drop of insoluble ink, the ink stays in the dermis, which is the second floor of the skin, the dermis cell is much more stable than the epidermis cells, so the tattoo ink to persist, will only slightly faded in his long life and color, and remove the comparison difficult. The specific operation of process is as follows: 
A, sterilization and preparation 
Tattoo machine each injected into the skin a drop of ink will stab a pinhole, each pinhole could lead to infection and the spread of disease, so before using tattoo equipment, with a sterilizer for electric tattoo machine disinfection to prevent infection, ink, the ink container, gloves, and are disposable needles, tattoo materials, tattoo artist also want to wash your hands and check whether there is a wound or a scratch on your hand. 
Second, draw tattoos: lines, shading, and color 
Contours, the grain work: choose flush after, through single needle head and a small amount of ink, artists in the cover on the stencil on the skin for America draw permanent lines. Most tattoo began to draw up from the lower right corner, in order to avoid redundant ink on to wipe the permanent line dirty transfer printing design. 
Shading: after washed with soap and water tattoo area, and all kinds of tattoo artist use thick ink needle to draw a smooth solid lines. This step if skills undeserved, can cause line dizzy, excessive pain and delayed. 
Color: after wash tattoo artist, to cover each color line, in order to ensure uniform color, no defects. Defect is usually refers to the recovery after the uneven color on the part of the lines, or a tattoo artist left out the part to skin color. 
Third, cleaned and bandaged 
After the use of disposable towels clean blood, tattoo artist with sterile bandage tattoos. In the tattoo process prone to bleeding, but will stop in a few minutes. 
As for tattoo pain degree, some people will draw tattoos feeling described by a bee sting, sun exposure, or press; Others feel like the skin slightly scratched or like a needle. The size of the individual's ability to endure pain, tattoos, tattoo parts and tattoo artist skills determine the tattoo have to bear the pain, bone is usually at the top of the skin is more sensitive, more intense pain. 
Due to involving needles and blood, have certain risk, tattoo on these risks including infectious diseases, such as similar to hepatitis, pulmonary tuberculosis or even AIDS, although in the tattoo artist to follow the right after sterilization and disinfection process, spread the risk of disease is relatively low, but decided to tattoo for beauty or shall be considered. 
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