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Tattoo process and nursing methods

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Friday 07 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoos are go line and color again. Also called secant go line, with tattoos single needle, high frequency very quick succession to Pierce the skin epidermis layer, the tattoo ink into the skin at the same time. As for the tattoo painful not painful, depends on the depth of the needle under the tattoo artist and the part of the figure you do (pain arranged roughly: abdominal>neck>chest big arm medial>thigh root>big forearm lateral>crus). 
Generally just tattoo, tattoo artist will cling film on tattoo at package for cell tissue fluid leakage after not dry so fast, of course cannot so had been wrapped in plastic wrap, best home cleaning in three to four hours, otherwise the skin be cling film and wrapping too long can lead to tattoo the cut due to the airtight canker, serious consequences. To be cleaned once every three to four hours and apply special tattoo ointment, so stick to about 2 days until the tattoo the skin begins to hard. If the skin is dry and can be a little tattoo special ointment, moist skin. Tattoo tattoo parts during the process of recovery will itch, peeling and a thin layer of callus, is normal phenomenon, but don't use hand grasp dig tattoo parts, otherwise it will affect the color of the tattoo. 
Tattoo complete recovery before the need to pay attention to avoid sun exposure, so as not to cause the skin discomfort. At the same time should pay attention not to bubble bath, rub zao, swimming, sauna, etc., keep the skin dry state, can make the design effect after a recovery more full. If your skin is too dry, you can wipe some of gentle hand cream body milk, moist skin. 
Tattoo complete recovery. Try not to drink, don't eat seafood and spicy stimulate food, because the tattoo parts will cause redness, itching, even allergic symptoms. If during this period, the men have allergic to certain foods, also need to pay more attention. 
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