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Tattoo power supply debugging

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Wednesday 03 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
first,Tattoo power supply connected to 220 v ac voltage, the light turns red, voltage adjusting knob clockwise to about 10 volts (according to personal habits and decide), and then insert the two tattoo special hook line plug respectively of tattoo power supply "+ (positive) and - (negative)" on the other end of the pole, two metal clasps, respectively into two jack behind the tattoo machine, then insert the plug of tattoo pedal switch in the power of the next to the hole, then the tattoo machine of elastic screw unscrew, to touch at the shrapnel (free tattoo machine start, if the top is too tight to make tattoo machine load too power tripping, adverse to the tattoo machine also).
Second, feather the tattoo pedal switch, the power supply is connected with their feet make tattoo machine start, then slowly rotating elastic adjustment screw, the tattoo machine working current also varies with adjusting the tension screw and promptly contact firmness increases slowly (as small as possible in the tattoo machine, normal current, tattoo machine performance is good), gently with fingers to sifang iron needle end strength of feeling.Through continuous slowly adjust voltage, elastic screw looseness and promptly contact to get a tattoo machine four iron hang needle place have enough strength, speed, smooth stroke, the best tattoo machine of ringing pleasing to the ear, to work long hours without a murmur.Working voltage regulation can be adjusted according to the individual operating habits, tattoo secant when working around 10 v voltage, color fog can adjust appropriately when high.
Three, tattoo power supply with overload or short circuit electronic protection devices, because of improper adjustment or power hook line has no intention of short circuit, the power indicator light green light will be bright, voltage is zero, then should be tattoo power supply on the power switch button, check the reason, find out why, after open the tattoo power supply switch button again, to commissioning, adjust the satisfaction after hold the elastic screw lock screw down the screws.
Above only for tattoo beginners to adjust tattoo machine as a reference.
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