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Tattoo on the human body damage and response

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Tuesday 01 September, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, after infection with bacteria: tattoo machine and tattoo needles can spread of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis. The risk of infection is USA association request tattoo to wait for a full year before blood donation. It is a very important thing to be sure that all of the tattoo equipment is clean and sterile before use. Even if the needles are sterile or the first use. It is important to understand: in some cases, the design of the equipment whether the needle carrier depends on its. In addition, tattoos must be determined to take care of the area of the tattoo, the first week or after the injection of pigment pigment can be normal activities.
2, tattoos cause scar formation: if you are very easy to form a scar (growth in the normal range of the scar), then you will have the risk of forming a scar. A scar may be formed in any moment of your skin injury or trauma.
3, after tattoo allergic reaction: Although the allergic reaction of the tattoo pigment is very rare. Once they happen, they have some minor problems, because they are very difficult to remove. It is rare that the tattoo is likely to develop into an allergic reaction, and it will last a few years.
4, tattoo after the emergence of granuloma: This is some small nodules, may be formed around the outside of the body, such as tattoo pigment in the broken wood, etc..
5, removal of the problem: Although the laser technology is very advanced, removing tattoos is a waste of energy. It is impossible to completely remove the tattoo without leaving a scar. So, choose a tattoo must be careful.
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