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Tattoo needles and relationship of the skin

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Thursday 29 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Began to enter the tattoo art realm, the most direct want to know is, of course, tattoo needle and the relationship between the skin! First of all, let's talk about this critical issue. We all know that tattoo is to use a tattoo needle destruction of skin wound, tattoo ink through the wound infiltration of the skin layer and precipitation under displayed in the skin of the graphics. The needle in the deep and shallow is often a common question and explore the key! 
Since contact tattoo art, have seen a lot of different tattoos techniques, a variety of ways, I slowly through the look and feel with their own experience, tried find depth is not absolute, but by the method of the artist's points, can be roughly divided into the following two forms: 
Deep skin layer thorn method: using this way tattoo artist, sting when the needle is deeper, more than about 2 mm is even faster to 5 mm deep, they will paint as much as possible into deep skin layer, the expression of color rendering will be very thick, but because of the skin to endure a deeper larger damage, skin layer will be damaged seriously, so that the later formation of wound scab, this layer of scabby skin is metabolic regeneration, and change the layer on the skin pigment will be off and because of this, this method is at the bottom of the pigment precipitation, that is to say, healing and change of skin will wear off some deposit in the surface layer of paint, as a result, thorn must be deep enough, when the pigment must be heavy enough, if the depth is not enough or not enough quantity of pigment infiltration, the skin after scabby, recovery and avi, will find that all drop light, or uneven shades, so must be deep enough and pigment infiltration enough. The deep layer of skin sting method usually used in color works or single black need very dark heavy color. But some tattoo artist in the same light color performance in this way, they will just paint diluted into a very light color and in the same way. This method has the advantage of colour and lustre is uniform, having a thick texture, good weight of defect is color rendering is separated by a layer of no new skin pigment precipitation, and make it look have a joyful feeling. 
Shallow skin layer thorn method: this method depth in the following 3 mm, almost all feature is wound healing when only a thin layer of skin, because the skin damage is small, this way the tattoo artist, use a needle to the way a bit like the sketch drawing that kind of "pen pressure" feeling, will focus on the needle and skin tactility to measure the depth of fit, most of the pigment precipitation in shallow layer of skin, this way must be very careful, if the skin damage is too severe and one thousand scabby, restored, what pigment may all have no. This method has the advantage of color rendering is surface, after his recovery seems to be just good little difference, no deep skin method of mist, the disadvantage is that color is not enough thick, the weight of the texture is poor, the shallow layer of skin sting method usually used in single work of black, because black itself has the advantage of the dark, don't need to sting too deep, rendering is already very good. 
I discovered that these two method's tattoo artist will become a habit, argues that one of their own, so if a beginner in don't understand the situation, looked at the two different thrust method, often lost heart and doesn't know what to do? , of course, each have each advantages, to focus on key points of the understanding it, one of the few senior outstanding artist will use two kinds of different method, know the advantages and disadvantages, and take the best, but strictly speaking, no certain depth, basically see yourself from experience and perception to the way to use the probe can, may be able to create the performance of the update method, be sure to delve into why, not to test. 
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