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Tattoo Needles – The Most Vital Component in Tattoo Supplies

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Thursday 22 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Tattooing is quite a favorite choice for a large number of people today. The tattoo parlors are also available in plenty to meet this increasing demand. Also, unlike the olden times where there were pretty much fixed patterns to be tattooed, not its possible to get any of your dream images to be tattooed on to the skin. The designs can be made even by using the advanced computer graphics technology. For those who are planning to make use of the situation to start a tattoo parlor, it is essential to have some basic tattoo supplies. One of the inevitable and most precious element needed for perfect tattooing are tattoo needles. While tattooing, the needle is used to supply the ink rightly on to the skin.

Basics about tattoo needles

The tattoo needles are having a specific design with many sharp ends attached to a bar. These ends were called the sharps, which may vary from three to nine or more based on the image to be imprinted on to the skin, at the desecration of the artist. The tattoo needles are used to penetrate human skin to supply the ink on to it. The liner needles on the other hand are used to apply ink to the outline to form the tattoo. It was just a single needle in the application until a couple of decades ago; however, now  application of single needle is very rare and at a minimum, three needles are utilized normally to form the outline.

There are also shading needles used to shade the tattoo and to further fill it with colors. Shading needles can vary from nine to above. These are usually called as magnum needles and are usually arranged in a double-row pattern. These needles are used to blend colors and add more realistic finish to the tattoo.

There are various opinions among the users on which type of needles actually hurt. Many believe that outlining is more painful than shading, as it comes first in the tattooing process. Adding to this fact, outlining also requires continuos movements also when compared to the shading process, in which the artist need to stop at every single move and check. As an artist, it is essential to choose the top-quality tattoo needles in order to get the best-desired finish as well as to offer the clients a pain-free experience.


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