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Tattoo needle operation on the skin

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Thursday 02 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Skin is quite important is its elasticity, can extend many. For any detailed work and smooth tattoo ink into the skin, a tattoo the skin must be pulled. Like a drum, tighten skin is very important, because it will feel very strong when using tattoo needle, will not be soft skin bounces, or hang in the skin. If the skin has not been maintained tight, you cut a straight line will be uneven thickness. If the line is too thick, is that you will tattoo needle into too deep. Sometimes may be tied to have "knot" adipose bead, so often leads to scarring, but also because the tattoo needle be sagging skin cut to form. 
If the skin is not pulled tight, it is difficult to enter the skin color, tattoo needle will be up and not Pierce the skin. Looks like a pigment has been pierced, but that is an illusion, just Pierce very shallow position in the cortex. From time to time to wipe the operating profile thorn in parts of the skin, clean after you can see how solid color. If necessary, tighten the skin after use a magnifying glass to check again. 
If you do the arms or legs tattoo, take it from behind, gently hold on, don't catch it too tight, in order to avoid make you hand cramps or scratch the skin sensitive person. If you do back, chest, waist and other you can't catch it from behind a place, you will need to use your free hand on it. This requires that the thumb and forefinger to form a "V" glyph to make this. As far as possible will separate the catch, the more skin show the better. 
If the skin is smooth, first put on a clean towel, it can prevent your hand slippage. Also, you can also use your free hand with paper towel to wipe. 
When skin is taut, we have to transfer in advance to make good tattoo template designs, it'll be relax at ordinary times when looks different. Therefore, when the customer in a natural position, transfer printing design and check it again, sure no problem before the start of the tattoo. Even if you want to do a new template, also want to do so until the right, if the template is wrong, then tattoo looks wrong. Paper templates in the design of large back a little easier for you to use. A template is put on the back, to make the customer stand straight Ji fully relaxed. If design pattern is very big, can be cut, divided into several pieces, transfer in parts into the skin. Logo printed on, then you can design a template aside, and then start real tattoo. 
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