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Tattoo needle correct installation method

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Friday 31 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Step 1: debug tattoo machine to best A: sound loud and dense and stable; B: high speed, large torque. 
Step 2: check whether the tattoo needle tip is damaged. 
Step 3: with special equipment to unload "needle mouth screw" to remove the needle. 
Step 4: the needle at the entrance to the top insert tattoo needle bar, the tattoo needle bar top hung on "needle bar fixed button" fixed. 
Work matters needing attention: 
Note needles do not touching the skin while working outside of any object, the potion, the needle must stop fibrillation, prevent the liquid medicine box, such as needlepoint bending will not be able to work, can use a sandpaper in needle direction to gently, and then, with a thick cocoon skin test needle, not hook the skin as well. 
Machine after each use, to prevent dirt, wipe the contact needle, needle disinfection, fuselage rub-up, the fuselage and two pieces of magnetic point to prevent rust. Such as contact point contact undesirable, light can use paper to wipe, or can use sand paper burnish adjustment screw. Use for a long time contact to fold down to mass, hands folded up when available. 
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