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Tattoo needle considerations when contours

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Saturday 04 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Secant, tattoo needle length adjustment there are two ways: first, the tattoo needle reserved very short, when the machine stops, tattoo needle tip just in needle mouth inside, there is no leakage. In the tattoo hour hand touch your skin, mouth tip the moving distance of the needle is pierced the depth of the skin. Second, the needlepoint reserve gets longer, by adjusting the length of the needle mouth out, let the tattoo needles to reveal more when the machine stopped running. When the tattoo, needle mouth, try not to touch the skin, it can see more clearly the tip on the skin grain thorn of movement, easy to do some small complex tattoo. 
Tattoo contour line should be clear, solid and clear. Hold the tattoo machine, needle should skim on the surface of the skin. Tattoo artist don't throw it into the skin, that is, do not Pierce too deep, also don't use brute force, can let the needle is steadily work, rather than the armed forces to the needle into the skin. The artist's job is to guide the direction of the needle, tattoo machine will need place profile thorn in design. Pigment, flowing down along the needle by gravity flow into the pierced body parts. 
Secant of the main causes of bad: the point is not accurate when the needle into the needle position; When installation with fixed and cause tattoo tattoo needle swings around; In the process of the tattoo needle mouth in the not enough pigment; Tattoo machine speed too fast, or too much of the machine; When the needle into the skin, the skin is not tighten. If above all noticed, there is no problem, you will make a clear outline. 
If you think that the line of grain line is you want, your hand will automatically to carry on with it, so the tattoo of feeling is very important. Don't hesitate or intermittent, should let the line without interruption smoothly draw down. Before you draw a long line, first dip of standard purity, that wouldn't be in the painting the pigment used up half of the time. If you know the location, at the beginning of the line and line position, at the end of the middle section will smoothly with your feeling. 
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