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Tattoo machines- there are so many types of them

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Saturday 15 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
There is a group of people who think tattoo machines are sewing machines! This is a highly mistaken view. Sometimes a tattoo machine is termed as a tattoo guns which is again a highly mistaken term to be used. A tattoo machine is neither a sewing machine nor a gun! It is essentially a device which is electromagnetic and which works under various amount of power supply. When power is applied to a tattoo machine, the needle starts working. The needles are supplemented with inks that also come in various colors. This needle is pierced through the skin making a lasting impression on the skin of the customer. 
There can be various types of tattoo machines. Following are few of the most preferred tattoo machines on the market: 
Rotary tattoo machine: These particular types of tattoo machines are based on the technology of rotary. Samuel O reilly invented this technology and it has been improved with the gradual passing of time. It uses an electric motor, which makes the needle move in the desirable direction, up and down. However, recently, in the present day there has been a modification that have been made to improve the type of movement which also leads to the improvement in the type of tattoo design that one gets ultimately. 
Coil tattoo machines: This is one of the modern types of tattoo machines which use an electromagnet circuit to move the needle according to the tattoo artist. With the supply of power, the needle moves up and down when desirable. There are various differentiations from single coil to machines with three coils. Also, different materials maybe used to make these machines and it largely varies in shapes and sizes. The most common is the machine with dual coil on a metal frame, which is standard. 
Liner tattoo machines: The liner tattoo machine is very common and essential. It is used to make a lasting impression and a very permanent mark on the skin. This is used to make the basic outline of the tattoo. A very short contact circuit is used for this purpose. 
Color saturation tattoo machine: This particular type of tattoo machine is used to fill in a particular area with color. The contact gaps used here is the largest and on comparison the machine cycles at a slower rate. 
All these are few of the types of the most basic tattoo machine that we find in the flourishing industry of this particular art. 
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