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Tattoo Machines – Choosing the Safest and Most Functional Tools

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Sunday 18 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Tattooing is having an increased acceptance lately among all sort of people across the world. The increasing number of tattooing clinics is the evidence of its increasing popularity. On planning for a tattooing business, it is essential for you to have a better understanding about the tattoo machines, tools, and supplies in order to get hold of the best. The tattoo machines or otherwise called the tattoo guns are the most essential tool used in tattooing. For those who are seriously longing to get some beautiful body art done on their skin, the tattoo machines as a part of the tattoo kits is an essential component to make your dreams come true.

History of tattoo machines

As per the documentation, the first ever tattoo machine was invented by the most famous inventor of all times, Thomas Alva Edison. The year of this invention was back in 1870; however the first line of machines were not that good enough in order to offer perfection while tattooing. Edison then tried to use this as an engraving machine; and later after a few years, a few other scientists tried to modify Edison’s machines in order to make it capable of applying ink directly on to human skin. This was when the first-generation tattoo machines were born.

New generation machines

However, this initial model had then undergone a lot of renovations and modernization and further achieved more and more perfection to exactly get the figure on to the skin, which the artists have in their mind with 100% perfection. The new-generation machines used for tattooing at the modern clinics are using electromagnets, which easily control the entire tattooing process.

The new model tattoo machines also allow the professionals to have a better control on handling the functional aspects like the needle speed, depth of piercing, as well as force to be applied etc. In an expert’s hand, a tattoo machine can act as a smooth brush to make the most desired strokes and give a perfect finish to the art. Tattoo machines are available in different sizes also, varying in its pricing and functionality, which can be used for personal usage as well as at a highly professional level. There are online options too to purchase tattoo guns from different manufacturers from the globe, where you can find the best deals at the most affordable pricing.

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