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Tattoo machine type and use

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Tuesday 28 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo machine is divided into two types, one double machine, one fit machine, called dual machine is a secant machine and a fog machine to play, the division between the two is different, different properties. Assembly machine is a machine, secant and play the fog when the need to manually adjust the size of the machine's power to control the frequency or the speed of the machine and the needle etc. for secant and play the fog job. 
    Good tattoo machine is not how much the price, but in constructing the machine, such as the use of the material, the number of turns of the coil, the length of the suspension of iron, hardness and feel shrapnel and other aspects of the machine, here I come for everyone to do the simple explanation ! 
    Overall material tattoo machine cast iron is the best, personal experience is not suitable for stainless steel tattoo machine, other material not suitable for only the most suitable for most cast iron tattoo machine, as to why I do not know, there are a lot of machines are very smooth appearance with color, indicating that the stainless steel or other material, in fact, are all cast iron, just after finishing processing, polished plating process, showing the color and smoothing effect. Fight fog machine coil is 10 laps, secant is 8 laps, almost do not see the point of view of course, but some hit fog and secant machine coil sample sizes, playing to a large number of fog from the outside! 
    Besides hanging iron, iron hanging length can determine whether the needle straight through without touching, were not hindered bounce, but some machines hanging iron short and can be extended by adjusting the suspension of iron shrapnel, shrapnel however long is necessary to put requirements for shrapnel great, excellent place long after shrapnel effect is very good, too soft shrapnel also achieve good results, only qualified shrapnel is the ideal! 
    General machinery listen to the sound machine can be judged good or bad, do not sparkle, crisp sound, can be good or bad by listening to this off by a machine, in person, based on experience, a large capacitance capacitors better than small , but to divide the machine! The best time to buy the machine in site commissioning it! 
    Some friends say their machines with less than 10 minutes to heat, please check to see when the operation of the machine straight needle bar is friction, the normal straight needle to be in the middle, surrounded by non-contact pass-through, so that it can be, you can by adjusting the length and hanging iron shrapnel to control!
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