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Tattoo machine secant What kind of Tattoo Nozzle

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Friday 01 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Secant with Tattoo Nozzle, one kind is circular, the other is a diamond. Circular Tattoo Nozzle and the diamond Tattoo Nozzle each has its advantages. The choice of which is entirely personal preferences. 
Tattoo of circular Nozzle will not have a Tattoo pigment splash of trouble, if you met, usually by a rubber band fastening force can be adjusted. Such as tattoo if you want to do a very sharp corners, the needle will move around, make line is very wide, or sometimes very crooked. It's very easy in the process of grain thorn skin lady was forced to stop, cause break line, in order to improve the situation, usually need to Tattoo Nozzle to move down, make the tip to show the shorter the better. 
Diamond Tattoo Nozzle is influenced by many Tattoo artist favoured. With the Tattoo of diamond Nozzle, no matter you move around a Angle which bearing of coloring, the needle is not moving, the width of the line will remain the same, will not very firmly stuck in the diamond tip. Don't too deep under the tattoo clockwise, or will meet tattoo pigment splash. If the needlepoint severe wear have splash of problems. If continue to use the needle has been badly damaged needle, needle point won't will pigment correctly to Pierce the skin, can use a rubber band, can also be pointer table voltage drop. You should prepare a few more diamond Tattoo Nozzle. Set aside. The length of the Tattoo Nozzle with personal preferences. If you want a Tattoo work on Nozzle on the skin, leave skin or tiny distance work, all of this with you, the most important is how do you feel most comfortable is important work. 
Diamond Tattoo the superiority of Nozzle: at the time of secant, diamond Tattoo Nozzle front cut part can let the artist know fulcrum Tattoo needle and the direction of the stroke, can the hour hand tightly stuck in Tattoo Nozzle diamond the slots, as far as possible to prevent the jitter of the needle. Another diamond Tattoo Nozzle grooves more adsorption of Tattoo pigment, more conducive to profile thorn out long and fluent line. 
Tattoo machine needle production itself is an art, is also a science. He is not a simple operation process, but a superb skills acquired. 
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