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Tattoo machine playing experience of fog

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Wednesday 08 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Seems to tattoo transition relationship has a certain magic, can really attract the attention of people. Tattoo masters like to use the fog method, presents a challenge in each pattern, is also a chance to show a tattoo technology. Customers will be because it's main body effect and the gorgeous colour and be attracted to live, look really like the design will be moved to the skin. Good shadow effect can add vitality to a tattoo, make this tattoo is done very successful lifelike effect will make it like the artist painted instead of tattoo machine lines 
Come of. If the shadows do not good, will destroy the whole tattoo. 
A fog the depth of the transition effect is used to strengthen the simple sense of tattoo and body relation, make design presents the stereoscopic effect. On the skin and paper pattern is flat, is two-dimensional. The depth of the right transition will make the design more stereo, can simulate the real effect of 3 d, make visual effect has a strong power. 
A fog technology is not in place of your on line with shadow, it is the science of light and shadow. Where there is a lot of light, it was white; No light, it is black. In spectral value between black and white, who is the shadow. Playing method of fog is painted light source (related to painting, not talking about the light bulb shines on the table) of the light from the. Said the light of the above problem is beyond the scope of this section, in order to get power domain knowledge, please refer to some good art book in the law or the law interpretation perspective, light source, light and shade will be of great benefit to tattoo operation. 
Good transition mist need to experience, is also a tattoo artist required a skill. It need to work hard to practice, because the shadow quality are commonly used to judge of a tattoo artist technology. If lines too pale, design will have the white of large area, not the transition of gradual change relations, can make the tattoo looks very hard, and make the color part looks is not naturally end, it's like grain with a "paper-cut painting", it is not advisable. 
Master dozen fog method not only make tattoo very vivid, and can use a fog technique to modify existing low-grade tattoo or cover the guest body, can make the outdated tattoos look brand-new. Play fog is contours of the next step in the process of tattoo, all of the black work should be done before in colour. 
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