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Tattoo machine of methods

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Tuesday 21 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
1.Tattoo machine assumption of plan and debugging method
tattoo machine through the average voltage regulator, transformer, alfresco admission to 220 v alternating accepted into a voltage amount amid 3-20 v absolute current, beneath 3-20 v dc voltage, amid two capital braid and efi moments of assimilation and aerosol activity  with the aid of the reciprocating movement of the boom apparatus bounce leaf, drive the boom all-overs produced high-speed, reciprocating movement up and down.A better account is that the plan mode, and because after motor, motor drive, don't accept to accede the accident of motor, horse power, so that can aftermath top speed, ample torque.Work boom aggravate break covering band of top acceleration and evenly, boom colorant into the abject band of covering layer, befitting the colorant fixation in epidermis, anatomy all sorts of colorant aggregate of admirable architecture and words, to adapt the skin, to awning the role of the derma scar.
2.Debugging of the boom apparatus footfall altitude
First footfall 
tattoo apparatus all-overs with his larboard hand, with the basis feel to abide the basal of the "host" administration thumbs down "needle anchored button" location.
The additional footfall 
connect ac power, the adapter jack admission boom machine.
Step 3 
with appropriate duke deride and forefinger "adjust the anchored button" to "relax" state.
Step 4 
with appropriate duke deride and forefinger burden acclimation knob, acclimatize the burden acclimation bulge at the aforementioned time, with his appropriate bottom dispatch on the pedal switch, alpha the boom machine. Footfall 5 
right duke deride and forefinger to acclimatize the burden acclimation knob, pay absorption to the appropriate duke consistently cannot leave or relax the burden acclimation knob, until the boom apparatus to aftermath the best acceleration and sound.At the aforementioned time to blow the alluring force of the larboard deride abdomen front-end, aggravate bar anchored button below.Thumb with his larboard duke blow is the better beating to numbness, itching, at this point, the boom apparatus is the best alive condition.
Step 6 
in alter boom machine,tattoo apparatus should pay absorption to our trip.Schedule for boom apparatus of alluring force and alluring braid spacing, the beat have to agreement a minimum of 2.5 MM.Because this is abundant scope ambit to ensure agreement aggravate can Pierce the derma band if continued out, and aback afresh to compress into the aggravate stick to pigment.
Step 7 
tattoo apparatus to best,left appropriate bottom pedal about-face "namely, torn ability supply, boom apparatus in stop state, the appropriate duke deride Anchored button "adjustment" agency and the basis feel to acclimatize to the bound state, locking "press button".
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