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Tattoo machine is how to work

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Friday 27 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Machines are manned, this applies to tattoo machine. The artist must on the machine 
Confident, and know how to manipulate them right, not only will start them. 
Tattoo machine in appearance may be different, but their operating methods are basically the same, but also has the same function: can the needle moves up and down quickly, and to Pierce the skin, the operator along the transfer or line draw the outline of the pigment to Pierce the skin. When the machine start turning on the power supply, internal running in a closed circuit. When you start the power supply, two coil magnetization (an electromagnet) and will the tattoo machine armature draw down. When the armature moves down, the needle is down. When the closed circuit disconnect, apart from each other, contact point lead to circuit to stop. This situation happened, the machine will stop and become no magnetic coil, armature jumps back to its original position, makes the needle to return to its original position. After the needle jump back, contact point began to come into contact with each other, to form a closed circuit, and then started just now. Machine become magnetic and become not magnetic, the needle up and down. It all happened so fast that the naked eye cannot be observed very carefully all the details. When separation circuit and connect again, can hear only hum. 
It is very important to keep smooth running machine. You need to adjust all aspects of the machine to the degree of harmonious interaction. Machine in any bad operation could affect the artist's attention, and then affect the tattoo work is good or bad. 
You need to check each machine screw, the screw is very strong, make contact and keep good contact state between top wire. 
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