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Tattoo machine handle operation method

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Saturday 28 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Correctly grasp the tattoo machine can improve the efficiency of the tattoo work. All the needle mouth, handle with And the connecting rod should be stainless steel, all stainless steel handle is complete and there is a roll Flowers. Knurling (to increase the handheld friction) is a mechanical processing industry terms, is on the handle There should be. Metal knurled handle is better than the plastic handle. When a grip on the plastic handle, hand Seems to be sticking to the same, the hand can flexibly control the tattoo machine. Provides a fixed metal knurling Grip strength, increase the weight of the tattoo machine, tattoo machine have qualitative feeling more in hand, more easy to operate. 
Tattoo machine hold up like a pencil or pen gesture, but slightly different. 
When the first hold a tattoo machine, will feel it has a certain weight, some people say that they are Heavy. Don't puzzled by this claim, because use for a period of time you will feel very natural, The muscles of the hand will gradually adapt to the work of the machine. Tattoo need time, especially the large pieces of tattoo, Need more hours to manipulate these tattoo machine, not a lot of time to rest. This requires that you forged The muscles of the hand, this will hand cramps or sore. Before beginning to become a tattoo artist, it is Practice as much as possible with the machine, trying to constantly hold machine and practice into the air. You can be By watching TV, chatting or doing other things came for this exercise. Every night for a couple of hours to exercise Muscles will make your hands soon. 
Some tattoo artist like heavy machine, others prefer more light. This is why some Manufacturers to provide "light machine". But should remember that any machine, kan not opened Feel the multiple, in the end will be used to it. From a long-term point of view, what do you want to feel it To work is very comfortable, status is also stable. Tattoo machine in the use of shock can make you soon Just feel tired. At this time the weight of the machine often act as "shock absorber". Handle the heavier, it is 
Can absorb more energy, passed to your vibration is smaller. This tattoo machine work more steadily , it is not easy to shiver, this is the structure of the tattoo machine more wonderful place. You should remember. 
Is that the weight of the machine is can be changed according to your preferences, by changing the handle of the model 
You can change the weight of the tattoo machine. 
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