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Tattoo machine fault reason and solution

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Thursday 25 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, tattoo machine elastic rod without meeting inclined shrapnel on the contact of the elastic rod screws loosen the elastic rod rotating down, run into contact, then rotate appropriate location, tighten the screw locking elastic rod; 
2, the power switch is not open, switching power supply, open the power switch, indicator red; 
3, adjust the button in the zero position, V table pointer is on the zero at the same time, adjust the button clockwise rotate slowly, also in V table pointer rotation, V table pointer should stop at 6-10 V; 
Promptly contact before 4, elastic rod touch, touch is too tight, don't start, is more likely to have the power supply circuit, a power switch, the indicator light is light green, no voltage will stretch pole screw loosening, the elastic rod up loose from the shrapnel contact adjustable elastic rod run into contact again, restart the power supply, adjust the tension rod to the appropriate location; 
5, work stop: at work, often accidentally or don't know when to pull the power cord, left the joint position. Check the pedal switch, the power cord plug have in place; 
The cleaning and disinfection of the 6, in the work has been completed, tattoo machine, machine on the line to break, check the thrum of the tattoo machine have broken, want to find electrician, welding on the line; 
7, turned on the power jump "light green, check the power cord plug and plug on the pedal switch, is there any broken, with a soldering iron welding, is OK! 
The stand or fall of tattoo machine to determine whether tattoo work easily? 
Tattoo machine, all over the world have different styles, but the working principle of the same. Performance is a far cry from, needle, needle is different, have different work time length, consumables vulnerable degree is different also. 
A performance good tattoo machine, the number of it every second to Pierce the skin; In every second, every time to Pierce the skin depth to maintain at the same depth of high frequency; The second is the continuous working time is long. Again, whether is the machine design is suitable for some operating habits (if there is a scientific and rational). 
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