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Tattoo machine craft and material classification

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Thursday 11 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
A. according to the manufacturing process to:
1, stamping tattoo machine: iron is made, the worst performance, also called the student machine. Press is under the press of the lathe.
2, casting a tattoo machine: through the mould. Using low carbon steel casting process, a molding, then special table surface processing; Coil using the latest technology, casting guns are commonly is in 3 v to start 6-8 v work, running frequency 2500 turn, bounce and stability. Is divided into play fog machine casting, casting the secant machine. The wax mold filling the gypsum and pumped into molten iron, high temperature heating, shaping.
3, wire - cutting tattoo machine: a bronze or material such as carbon steel, special surface treatment, hand-carved, frame by precision wire cutting processing a integrated, guarantee the precision of the size, avoid the error of manual machine size, and stronger than general tattoo machine in the back seat magnetic absorption. A blade, through a special kind of iron wire, according to the machine is like cutting out, advantages: high precision, all of the screw precision in a line.
4, handmade tattoo machine, tattoo machine frame and combination are done manually, general performance is better!
5, handle assembly tattoo machine: made a good tattoo machine frame, put all the parts assembled.
B. the tattoo machine material classification:
Cast iron
Damascus Steel
Carbon Steel,
Aluminum Alloy
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