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Tattoo machine basic operation steps and matters needing attenti

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Saturday 13 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
1. According to normal tattoo, tattoo machine should first mount tattoo needle, adjust the mouth out a needle and needle, needle and needle mouth accuracy should be: the needle with needle mouth level state, the tip can not reveal the needle mouth. (note: to prevent tattoo machine at work, with solid could be needle, with rubber circle needle fixed with the host seat, please, lest produce tattoo in common needle jumping phenomenon).
2. On foot and voltage regulator power supply, put foot switch two spring connector into the main frame of the bottom of the two connection hole, power tong. Across the electrodes.
3. The host after the speed setting knob on the shrapnel, to relax state. 
4. Click on the foot, with the foot gently shrapnel and tattoo needles began to produce vibration, and make a slight noise. 5. With the hand according to need to slowly adjust the speed of the tattoo needles, to the ideal state. Conditions for tattoo opportunity at this time send out sound is ringing loud vibrations, with finger contact shrapnel there will be a slight numbness or itching feeling is not only the best. 
6. After tattoo machine to the best condition, can enter the working state. To stop the tattoo machine work, need to remove the foot pedal switch. (in order to make the foot switch work normally boast skillful and durability, foot on the pedal switch when do not too hard or too long) 
Note: in order to prevent the body for blood and skin of different reasons, may cause skin infections and other adverse condition, tattoo needle should be used for disposable equipment. To keep tattoo needle sharpness, please avoid collisions with other hard objects, the needle in order to avoid tip damaged, used for tattoo coloring Cheng in chromaticity "muddy" phenomenon, is not only the grain line thicknesses, color will appear blank spots phenomenon. Say simply, tattoo machine is using the electromagnetic coil, spray absorption principle, between the main coil and efi point produce strong magnetic force, the reciprocating movement of the shrapnel in the help of tattoo machine, which has a tattoo needle click the high rotational speed, fast air directly through body surface layer of skin, to guide the pigment, import, the effect of the skin base layer; And long-term effect on the skin surface, forming a variety of pigment pigment combination patterns and fine words, to modify the skin, to cover the scar on the body. 
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