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Tattoo kits cleaning method

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Friday 03 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Modern, there are a lot of diseases and virus, there are many is incurable, and some are deadly, so the right tattoo kits disinfection is a very serious matter. You should think in advance in all cases cannot be used without sterile tattoo kits. All of the needle, needle mouth, needle bar and tattoo pigment should be disinfected. 
Before use to tattoo kits disinfection. And first of all to the new needle mouth in an ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic cleaner can use some chemical cleaning material. This removes all the welding agent on the needle and needle to remove pigment work wonders in the mouth. Needle mouth can use hand wash for 5 minutes, when they were placed in ultrasonic cleaning machine, pigment will boil and was removed from above. You can do without ultrasonic cleaner at the beginning, but if you are going to do a lot of tattoo, you'll soon realize that needs a machine like this very much. You can buy a basket can be disassembled with cleaner, they will check your store to responsible for the health situation of healthy tissue left a deep impression, and absolutely make you feel good value. 
When put tattoo kits in cleaner, be careful not to touch the needle, otherwise it will be damaged. Put the needle gently, pay attention to make all the tip toward a direction. In the process of cleaning, sometimes can make the needle become dim ultrasonic cleaner and hook on them. To improve this, under the ultrasonic device of the two legs of a pencil, tilted end up higher than the other, the needle toward the high end, you won't have any trouble. 
Keep the equipment in the ultrasonic cleaner for half an hour to get you, it is easy to brush off residual pigment or other things, can use the tooth brush. Clean the outside of the tube, with hair brush with hairy brush the inside of the mouth and clean needle mouth, short brush is also very effective in cleaning the needle. 
To clean a needle mouth, full brush good inside and outside, while scrubbing water under the tap to clean. 
Ultrasound and sink to put close to the tattoo machine, it will be your best friend at work, it will be better than your hands clean needle mouth color used time is shorter and more thoroughly. Tattoo pigment is very stubborn and not easy to remove, sometimes even after cleaning in the ultrasonic container, or you'll find that needle mouth still traces of non-ferrous materials. 
Cleaning and needle bar are connected at the end of the needle, will be in your choice of a dirty place sprinkle some soap powder, take the toothbrush with the right hand, left hand holding a needle bar, the tip of the other part of your index finger. Should normally only to one direction to scrub the needlepoint of direction. Pull the end of the needle bar, the needle will cross the back of the brush and won't damage the tip. Began to move above the brush, then slowly down through the brush. 
If you happen to be due to accidentally catch the wrong needle, put it aside, then use high power magnifying glass to see eye pins, to make sure it is not bent. If it bent, I put it away and then on the needle bar welding new needle. When you scrub the needle, rotate the needle with the hand, it can clean the needle and rod on both sides. Learn this process, otherwise you will be damaged due to scrub the needle more than you used to tattoo needle, clean needle is mainly for those who own the process of welding the tattoo artist, now recommend the use of disposable needles. 
If you have a ultrasonic cleaner, it's easy to remove dirt, but also a good wash under running water components, and has no soap or liquid detergent were determined. Otherwise, the residual liquid detergent with pigment into the customer's skin, will cause unimaginable complications. 
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