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Tattoo Ink Storage Recommendations

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Friday 21 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
As a tattoo artist, you need to make investments in your tattoo supplies like tattoo ink to make sure you are prepared to accomplish any tattoo piece. These supplies are an investment that will pay a return as you use them on your clients to provide your tattoo artwork with tattoo ink. This valuable service allows clients to express themselves, mark milestones in their lives, show their passion for life, and show their pride of who they are and where they come from: all through the medium of tattoo ink decorated on their skin. 
 Just as any investment, you need to make sure that you protect your investment in tattoo ink. Some tattoo artists will learn this the hard way and have had their tattoo ink supplies ruined due to the wrong storage procedures. Here are some basic guidelines to keep your tattoo ink stored safe while working as a tattoo artist. 
 First, never keep your tattoo ink in freezing conditions. If tattoo ink freezes, this will often result in the liquid tattoo pigment expanding and the bottle cracking or breaking which the bottles will have to be thrown out. The process of the liquid tattoo ink freezing can also compromise the quality and mixture. If a tattoo ink has been frozen, unfortunately you'll have to throw the tattoo ink out with the garbage. 
 The other point is to never leave tattoo ink in high heat, dry areas. For example, leaving your tattoo ink in direct sunlight or in a hot car in the summer can cause it to get too hot and potentially dry out. If the tattoo ink dries out you will no longer be able to use the product. Make sure you keep the tattoo ink in your work station where you'll most likely won't have problems with temperature and too much direct sunlight. 
 When traveling with tattoo ink, make sure you follow airline and government restrictions on storage of liquids. You may have to keep the liquid in your checked bags, otherwise make sure you have small enough bottles like 1 Oz or 6 Oz bottles of tattoo ink. Tattoo artists that travel a lot for conventions and guest spots at other tattoo shops are the best ones to ask about their best tips and tricks about tattoo ink storage and safety for travel. Some artists have even created their own custom tattoo ink carrying cases which is really cool. 
 Overall, always make sure you store your tattoo ink a room temperature environment. As a tattoo artist you know the importance of keeping your working area sterile, safe, and clean, and this is where you should keep your tattoo ink out of harms way as well. Also always check on expiration dates on the tattoo inks that you use. If a product is expired it's time to purchase new tattoo ink. Good luck and happy tattooing! 
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