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Tattoo ink is permanent

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Friday 31 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
According to understand, a lot of people to tattoo principle is not clear, also are very concerned about the tattoo after color won't rub off.
Tattoo, is through the tattoo needle will tattoo ink to Pierce the skin of a certain depth, pigment particles permanent stay in the skin, it formed a permanent tattoos.In the process, in the tattoo must ensure that the use of tattoo equipment is sterile, operation process is sterile, pigment is safe, can have a permanent tattoo of safety.So, when the tattoo must choose a regular tattoo shop!
To have a tattoo care about will, of course, is the color problem, generally rub off is influenced by the following four aspects:
1. The technique is a professional tattoo artist.Professional tattoo artist, into the proper needle depth, there will be no breakage, two-tone.
2. Tattoo ink quality is good.Excellent tattoo ink is special ink, is to choose material, harmful ingredients, such as bacteria and the label text specification check the safety of the pigment, the effect of the tattoo best!
3. The personal characteristics of the skin.Some relatively fast metabolism, so with the passage of time, the fading will be faster.
4. The area.General hands and feet, corneous layer thicker, easy to fade.
So, want to tattoo friends must choose a regular tattoo parlors and professional tattoo artist, and select excellent tattoo ink, can let you have a long time, high quality, good effect tattoo!
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