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Tattoo ink color techniques

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Friday 10 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Basic order is very simple, the color must be from deep to shallow. And this is why shadows to draw the outline After do thecause of the first. All of the black line and shadow is the deepest color, should be the first to use. finish After black color sequence is as follows: (1) dark purple; (2) blue; (3)green; (4) light Purple; (5) brown; (6) red, (7) orange; (8) yellow; (9) white. 
Good tattoo machine is only being used by the artist, to show its excellent performance. For starters, high quality tattoo needles and machine is necessary. The problem is the most common type of tattoo ink tattoo artist who don't know when to pigment injection into the skin. This happens because most tattoo ink is mixed with white, when Pierce the skin, more show white. Inexperienced people will think that place without color, because of the color of the present is not conspicuous and no color Pierce. When the place after redo, the color will be like a mirage on the skin, but also a lot of bleeding. After rub-up, skin looks very fuzzy, in the process of recovery will also have a very thick scar, the ugly tattoo in the future will be accompanied by a customer for life. This is every tattoo artist doesn't want to happen. Although the color looks a bit pale, but don't worry about it. Tattoos can't irritable, want to step by step is class, step by step, only the skin will absorb to color, otherwise will lose its effect. 
Tattoo Xiao path, if you find that some of the color of the white point on the grain, this is because the color too fast, some positions have no color. In other words, you fall off the point. Yellow color is the most difficult color when tattoos, generally to do twice. It is not difficult to Pierce into the skin, but lied to your eyes. 
According to the color sequence, white should be finally pierced in the tattoo, in front of a yellow, brown, and so on. When to tattoo shading, as mentioned earlier, punctured the tens of thousands of holes on the skin, color into these holes, to lower the skin color. These holes are open at work, so a kind of color can flow into the holes in the another color with different colors. Hybrid is bad can lead to bad results. If you use dark, light color won't cover dark, but if you use a light with dark, after just easy to dye it dark. If you follow the order from deep to shallow, this change due to color mixing will be avoided. Before tattoo shading, had better be in mind to use the color of the order, that would not have made a mistake, and don't have to stop and think in what order to use of color, can greatly improve the work efficiency. 
Can be in pigment or tattoo pigment by mixing in the skin. Remember, though not every great artist with hundreds of different colors, a piece of work should not be used in different kinds of evaluated for the number of colors. Dozens of color of the tattoo is very striking, but 4 kinds of color or monochrome can achieve similar results. Proper colour collocation can get very good effect, not only for the purpose of color selection and arrangement of colors at will. The rules of mixed color 
1 white can be blended with any color. 
2. In addition to white, don't mix purple and other colors. 
3. The red, orange and yellow can be mixed each other. 
4. Brown can be mixed with orange, red, yellow and white is very good. 
5. Made of white and black mix or adding distilled water to black to gray modulation. 
Mixed on the skin color can achieve very conspicuous effect, in the transition from one color to another color, it is a similar to the gradient effect of the rainbow. Rainbow effect to follow the following order: purple, red, orange.
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