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Tattoo ink and after tattoo maintenance problems

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Thursday 05 February, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Many tattoo artist said his tattoo ink is very good, there won't be allergic or rejection phenomenon, is pure natural ink ink is no rejection allergies, metal and chemical synthesis of ink only bad ink is that this is not the result of the phenomenon, it should be said that knowledge of the tattoo artist of ink is not enough and irresponsible. 
Every object or gas will someone is allergic to it or rejection phenomenon. A word from the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine is very good "No matter what drugs, including half of thirty poison 
", any product are not absolute, tattoo ink is no exception. 
In my tattoo work experience, have a tattoo ink operation of allergy or rejection, also have a tattoo Work in the process of recovery of allergy or rejection (allergic phenomenon in the majority of the time) complete recovery after a tattoo Week, month, a few months, a year or several years and found that have allergies or rejection. Allergic to send Now time depends on the body tattoo customer system, physical adaptation degree to the outside world. The ink had Sensitive color, everyone is feeling red ink allergy risk is high, but it is not only it is allergic. I have seen Red, black, blue, green, white, yellow, after allergy symptoms and degree are mixed The sample. 
Tattoo points before and after the maintenance, before the tattoo the skin the skin also has a great influence on the effects of tattoo, Tattoo is expressed in the skin, the skin of the cortex is also has a lot of shadow on tattoos Ring, refers to the glossiness of skin moisture, skin elasticity, black and white, and so on questions, tattoos do out on it The effect is different. Tattoo is the best skin skin luster, good elasticity, fine, type of skin White sweat pore, cutin layer thickness is small. Tattoo I feel on the skin is the best. but Is the skin of a lot of customers are very bad, how to do can make the skin to achieve our best tattoo 
I usually put the customer skin types can be roughly divided into five categories; Dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, mixed skin, problematic skin. 
I usually do tattoos will first take a look at the customer want to tattoo the skin. Good do evaluation in advance, I know I should how to operate, do the kind of design for the customer's skin. Finish black ash works such as dry skin, always feel more gray after recovery. Oily skin secant always feel is not very smooth, but also easy to mix color, the skin is not easy to recover. Normal skin is best, what problem is not large, I most like to such customer tattoo the skin. Mixed skin color common we do design always feel gorgeous colors and secretly feeling. Problematic skin this is the most difficult, pigment allergies, rejection is happens on this type of skin. Recommended treatment good tattoo again. 
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