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Tattoo ink allergy and how to treat?

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Thursday 08 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy


Tattoo ink allergies can be eliminated by laser or surgical resection, but most people would take the way of "let it be", or apply some ointment. Allergic symptoms, scars, light damage, etc. This is because the pigment sensitization of photosensitivity and related components. Generally speaking, the red tattoo inks are most likely to trigger allergies. Few allergy is often vary from person to person, and do not have what matter. , of course, many people only in the hot weather is just can have allergy happens (environmental factors undoubtedly played an important role in this). Someone describes the experience: "I'm allergic to red tattoo ink: swelling, itching, swelling and pigment area... also began to fall off and scarring, treated with antihistamine tattoo allergies can split the wound further instead. My biggest regret is allergic to this little - if only I know more about it!"
Tattoo tattoo needle dips in the process of coloring materials into skin colored, bit by bit every 1 to 2 mm needles into the skin, and injected into a drop of insoluble ink, the tattoo ink stays in the dermis, which is the second floor of the skin, the dermis cell is much more stable than the epidermis cells, to avoid allergies, except for the field test, but the author's opinion, in fact no one is using this method, but also it is not feasible. Because there is no effective way to further clarify whether the tattoo pigment allergy. But allergic phenomenon is not common, so choose good pigment becomes important, use after market test of the pigment to relatively safe a lot for a long time.



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