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Tattoo equipment knowledge

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Wednesday 22 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
All the tattoo equipment is different, not in quality, price and purpose. This is to ensure that trying to some permanent tattoo, you have the right tools is very important. 
Tattoo machine parts fittings framework, it can remove each tattoo disinfection tube, and reach out pipe hole needle inserted into the pipe. Have a handle on the tube, where it is a tattoo artist have tattoo machine. These tubes are almost all stainless steel, the same as the handle, or hard plastic. These tubes are not direct customer contact the skin, but the ink and blood will be in contact with them, that is why they can from the machine and autoclaved the rest of the free. Pipe can have many different relationship to the size of the tip of the needle is in very very small. Tube connected to the tattoo machine is the same size, they are interchangeable. 
There are two types of tattoo machine, liner and shader. These are quite a few dedicated to their name implies, change is very small. Have a slight difference, how to build, and lining board with smaller coil, and a vertical position. Shader is held a multi-angle, and has a larger coil. 
Needle plate is used to hold only line, and connected into a tight group at the end of the needle bar is only a small amount of needle needle bar. Needle out of the tube is connected to the tip tattoo machine. Liner, as a machine, up and down the needles into the skin, through it, and said the ink into the perforation of deposit. It is used for marking and small details. Most of the liner can handle as a needle, or as many as ten. Shader is used to fill a large area of skin more, need a bigger coil has the power to do so. 
Power chords connected to tattoo machine and power supply. The switching power supply and then inserted in a socket (or in some rare cases, the battery pack). The power supply has a dial, it allows a tattoo artist adjust the amount of power, tattoo machine. Power can also access power even measures to ensure that tattoo machine, tattoo of quality is the same. 
A foot pedal, stay on the ground and into the power supply. This is on the tattoo machine running, and release it to stop. It is just an opening/closing mechanism, though, is not like a car accelerator pedal pressure sensitive. 
The needle required color ink cap. It looks like a brush in the paint. When it's time to change color, tattoo needle is to use a glass of water, and add the new color. 
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