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Tattoo deep color and bright color

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Tuesday 25 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Features are: the force of tattoo needles should be bigger, as far as possible with the least number of one-time thorn tattoo ink into the skin, a tattoo needle mouth belt need full of color, small scope of work, after completion of an area and then move to the next area, connect the small color domain gradually into a wide range of effects will be very good, no tattoo the skin color will be more easy, repeatedly in the same area of work can be dim color, is not easy to make the color bright. 
Still have a kind of method is very effective, is to use grain is fine tattoo ink, with coarse particle tattoo ink again, the effect that after the superposition of two kinds of ink will be amazing, very bright, but beware of the skin damage. 
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