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Tattoo contour should be paid attention?

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Monday 07 September, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, the tattoo work should be smearing vaseline on the skin to enhance lubrication, this needle run time will smooth; 
2, grain outline efforts to moderate; The force of general tattoo machine should be slightly less than the injection color of the tattoo machine, but the frequency, the tattoo machine in the contour line will be more round and smooth; 
3, lines outline when using color pigments; Sometimes in order to not appear outline color also can use water to work, such as do figure is given priority to with light and shade, do not need to show line, but requires contour orientation, this time can water contours, its advantage is that you can see in the process of doing contour line positioning, but tattoo after recovery can no longer see the lines; 
4, in grain profile when using large tattoo needle, to master good strength, avoid excessive skin damage in scar, if graphics need very thick line, also can use double then coloring method. 
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