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Tattoo beginners need to tattoo kits

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Wednesday 11 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Now more and more people are interested in tattoo this line, also has a lot of friends want to learn about tattoos, but these without understanding tattoo tattoo beginners, often do not know what tattoo kits, to introduce to you now, hope can be a help to friends want to learn tattoo. 
For tattoo beginners to sort out a set of necessary tattoo tattoo kits:
Tattoo machine, at least need two at the beginning, then to achieve more. Some is playing the fog dedicated, some are used for secant. Will individual tag on each machine, so that the secant assembly to the secant machine, needle mouth will play fog fog injection nozzle assembly to use the machine. 
The metal tube of connecting rod, connecting the handle and machine, should be stainless steel material. 
Needle mouth and handle - stainless steel material, and connecting rod combination into the handle of a complete set of package, to accommodate the tattoo needle. 
Professional tattoo needles - used to secant and fog. 
The tension of a rubber band - it can prevent the tattoo needles in tattoo irregular shaking in the process of operation. 
The power supply 
Power supply unit, used to start the machine, to tattoo machine to provide a stable voltage. Generally is 0 ~ 18 v, 2 amp, adjustable output voltage dc regulated power supply. 
Hook - connecting tattoo machine and power supply, the conduction current. 
Foot switch, start and stop the tattoo machine while working. 
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