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Tattoo beginners how to pick a tattoo machine

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Wednesday 09 September, 2015 Written by tattoodiy

Tattoo machine style a lot, now a professional tattoo artist usually for three to four tattoo machine, because a picture can simultaneously use several different needle and the pigment. Contours of machines and the color mainly depends on the length of the shell, shrapnel long usually used with color, but as long as familiar with the characteristics of the tattoo machine itself can be general! Judge tattoo machine in short can be divided into three points: 1. The main bracket screw with all details, appearance is not beautiful or not, but whether small detail place is neat, a good tattoo machine will be the main body of a very strong support! 2. The electromagnetic coil and the stability of the shrapnel bounce, simple look not promptly contact with spark phenomenon, or use for a period of time will have overheating situation happen! 3. Listen to the voice is the most simple way to determine tattoo machine, sometimes good machine bounce up there will be a very solid sound, there will be no irregular voice! 

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