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Tattoo before and after tattoo the skin maintenance

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Sunday 15 February, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Before the tattoo artist tattoo machine operation will tattoo place do three disinfection and maintenance, the following is a suggested (want to keep the habit) 
1. Customer tattoo the skin with soap wash with warm water, remove the skin cutin layer and oil, in the warm water for 10 minutes or so, to keep the moisture. 
2. Use did or green soap diluent cleaning tattoo the skin. 
3. With 75% alcohol or alcoholic iodine pay to clean up one more time. Tattoo is determined to contain ingredients oil wax material such as thin smear of vaseline, to keep the moisture of the skin. 
Please keep tattoo tattoo procedures of indoor room temperature (temperature 20 ℃ to 30 ℃) proposed temperature too late to adapt to the degree of skin surface, tattoo operation as far as possible to keep skin moisture and skin lesion of degree. Tattoo after the completion of the operation to wash clean with cleaning fluid, sprayed with normal saline (sodium chloride) on the surface of a thin layer and cover with plastic wrap and 10 minutes (best) to tattoo place to clean, apply a thin layer of counter drugs can. 
Tattoo after 1 hour to wash with physiological saline, with non-alcoholic wipes than moisture blot, then daub drugs (suggestion is erythromycin eye ointment, aloe vera gel, such as bai duo bang counter and promote healing medicines oily skin wounds are) a thin layer. Tattoo to clean up the tattoo at every 1 hours after the completion of a clean, continuous 3 -- 4 times the best. Tattoo done after 6 hours to shower but watch (the shower to daub on the tattoo wound drugs can be thicker, 1/8-inch-thick shower water temperature not too high in 35 ℃ to 40 ℃ for beautiful, do not use irritating wash bath, it is recommended to use baby with hotels, soap or bath, do not evaporate, bubble, scratching, stimulation such as rubbing action, as far as possible to avoid wound in contact with bacteria. After the bath will tattoo wound cleaning, blot moisture blot out drug) also can not swim or substantial movement after tattoo, avoid direct sunlight. Tattoo normal will be done in a tattoo is 3 all day long and thin scabs, then a few days off scabs, scab off time according to the customer the cortex and the constitution. Please don't go to scratching out let things slide. 
Skin will be within 10 days, normal skin tattoo completely restored to a month to 2 months, after restoring good as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight. 
Like maintenance of facial skin maintain a tattoo. 
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