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Studio needs facilities and tattoo kits

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Thursday 26 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo room facilities: 
Work table, table (upper for cloth or glass, easy to clean), when the tattoo can place the required tools. 
Tattoo artist chair - ordinary people like chair with wheel can move around. Because to spend a lot of time on it, so the requirement is comfortable and durable. 
Chair - customers who tattoo in a comfortable chair. 
Lifting bench - back or leg tattoo in customers, can spread out the body and can lift a weight bench appropriately. 
Bracket - in limbs tattoo guest use, can put the limbs, adjustable height. 
The workbench facilities: 
Adjustable light work light - to help you better watch what you're doing from different perspectives of tattoos. 
Soft towel paper and detergent, wipe the potion to clean tattoo. Disinfect tools 
High pressure sterilization pot, needle mouth, handle and other stainless steel parts used for the disinfection, it is very necessary. 
Wayne penetrator, a bag of disinfector, check whether disinfection completely. 
Ultrasonic cleaner, clean the handle, needles and other equipment from the mouth of residual pigment such as dirt. 
Ultrasonic separator, used in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaner. 
Ultrasonic wave plate and machine storage - ultrasonic cleaner can sink to the bottom plate. Can be placed some tools. 
Support - used for tattoo machine. 
Benzene, a rusty antiseptic material. It does not completely eliminate the bacteria, just keep the equipment clean. 
Tattoo machine, at least need two at the beginning, then to achieve more. Some is playing the fog dedicated, some are used for secant. Will individual tag on each machine, so that the secant assembly to the secant machine, needle mouth will play fog fog injection nozzle assembly to use the machine. 
The metal tube of connecting rod, connecting the handle and machine, should be stainless steel material. 
Needle mouth and handle - stainless steel material, and connecting rod combination into the handle of a complete set of package, to accommodate the tattoo needle. 
Professional tattoo needles - used to secant and fog. 
The tension of a rubber band - it can prevent the tattoo needles in tattoo irregular shaking in the process of operation. The power supply 
Power supply unit, used to start the machine, to tattoo machine to provide a stable voltage. Generally is 0 ~ 18 v, 2 amp, adjustable output voltage dc regulated power supply. 
Hook - connecting tattoo machine and power supply, the conduction current. 
Foot switch, start and stop the tattoo machine while working. The production of the needle 
Welding gun - welded together to become used to needle group, then the needle group welding on the needle bar. 
Needle bar - used to support group. 
- used to weld into various types of bulk needle group. 
No rust welded - a lead-free, not rusty welding method. 
Tweezers to get tattoos are scattered and small items. 
High power magnifying glass eye, used to check work and the quality of the tattoo needles. 
Note: currently, there are already many international specializing in the production of tattoo equipment suppliers. They mass production tattoo needles are superior in quality, variety complete, and through a variety of medical means (such as: epoxy ethane gases) disinfection, using disposable independent packaging, health and safety, to avoid the tattoo artist in the needle during the welding process caused by pollution, low cost, easy to use. medical 
Jar - for aseptic ink cup. 
Watering can, used for holding alcohol or detergent. 
Medical vaseline - used to tattoo the skin daub is in the process of operation. 
Antibiotic ointment, bacillus subtilis antibiotics used to heal the wound. 
Disinfectant - used to clean and disinfect before surgery, but is not able to completely sterilization. 
Disposable shaving knife - used for skin (i.e., eliminate redundant hair). 
The bandage after medical bandage - used to tattoo. At present the most on international tattoo artist USES is plastic products, such as replace the bandage with cling film, prevent the area wound paste in bandages. 
Medical tape to adhesive bandages. 
Disinfectant used in alcohol - clean, but not completely sterilization. 
Scissors - for medical use, stainless steel quality. , 
Hemostatic forceps, medical use, stainless steel quality. 
When using surgical disposable gloves - tattoo rubber gloves. Transfer printing supplies 
Transfer printing paste - used to transfer the tattoo designs clearly to customers. 
Transfer paper - is the tattoo into YinGao must-have items. 
Skin marker pen - medical surgery, easy modification, design tattoo on the body. 
Tattoo supplies: 
Coloring material, color and black ink 
Ink bottle - ounce bottle with screw cap 
Ink cup, used for holding tattoo pigment, for sterile disposable goods. 
For tattoo, tattoo guests choose tattoo proof. 
Pencil/crayons, to design and coloring tattoo designs on the paper. 
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