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Stab the color sequence and the deployment of tattoo ink

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Friday 30 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
In the process of the operation of the tattoo, we will use a variety of colors and use, so how to grasp the good color sequence is the crucial link. This link only mastering won't appear dark color is not clear, turbidity, color. There is a law of constant: from deep to shallow, from warm to cold. Depth refers to the tone change, cold, warm is the problem of color. For example: if we are operating a tattoo need to use the following colors: red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, purple, coffee and other kinds of color. What should we in accordance with the law to exhaust their order? Normal order is: black, coffee, purple, red, blue, green, yellow, white point is according to the order of eight kinds of color to do, you can study more. It emphasizes six kinds of color, also is the commonly used color tattoo. 
Tattoo as aesthetic principle, can not a picture of colorful, so there will be a feeling of not harmonious and vulgar. So we only have six commonly used color in daily operation is enough. For the next step we will teach you in these six kinds of tattoo ink with a dozen different colors to meet the needs of customers. In this way, both to save investment, and can meet the needs of their customers. So the six commonly used colors are: red, yellow, blue, green black and white. 
Tattoo ink deployment: 
Red + yellow = orange (orange, orange) 
Red + blue = violet (purple, purple, blue) 
Yellow + blue = green, grass green, CongXinLu) 
Red + white = pink, pale red 
Red + yellow + black = red, brown, brown spots 
Brown, dark green, dark green, how to adjust? 
First part with black to weigh color on a thin layer of fog, with red, blue or green tile on a layer of mist, can appear from deep to shallow color. 


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