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Some knowledge of the tattoo needle

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Tuesday 18 August, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, the needle can not black, because the tattoo needle when welding with excessive acid can cause surface oxidation, when using the needle if black, then the needle is no polishing disinfection, it is not health. 
2, tip sharp, do not have a hook or bald tip, because when the tattoo needle point can cause uneven color, very thick cut line thicknesses, affect the quality of the figure. 
3, tip is white, is the main cause of black tip 2 kinds, 1 welding caused by oxidation, 2 needle silk material is unqualified, never use rusty needle silk. 
4, the color of the solder, this is key, when using the needle must look at the color of the solder, must be white, can not have water, used in welding flux, there is a lot of acid in the water spot means that the needle is not clean, have acid residue, solder must use lead-free solder solder (environmental protection), solder and when tattoo needle mouth can have tin powder sprinkled on skin friction, causing lead poisoning. 
5, needle bar must be parallel to the needle, row needle rod must be in the middle of the needle, the opposite may not have solder, reverse tattoo when there is uneven solder in needle mouth, will swing, affect the quality of the tattoo. 
6, can't solder welding is very thick, if there is no elastic solder is too thick to cause the needle, the diameter of the pole should be around 1.5 mm, too thick or too thin rod may also affect the elasticity of the needle or hardness. 
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