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Seven Steps to let you tune out the best tattoo machine

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Sunday 12 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
The first step: Hold the tattoo machine needles left index finger against the "host seat" at the bottom of the thumb suppress "the needle fixed York" at the position. 
Step Two: AC power, the cable access tattoo machine jack. 
The third step: the right thumb and forefinger, "adjustment knob fixed" adjusted "relaxed" state. 
Step four: the right thumb and forefinger, "the regulator knob" to regulate "the regulator knob", while the right foot with a "foot switch" to start the tattoo machine. 
Step Five: right thumb and forefinger adjust the "surge button", the note has not left or right hand relaxed "regulator button" until the tattoo machine produces the best speed and sound. While the left thumb underneath the belly touching the front of the needle bar clamp knob magnetic strip. If left thumb to touch the maximum vibration (to feel numb, itching until) At this point, the tattoo machine is the best working condition. 
Step Six: When debugging tattoo machines, tattoo machine we need to pay attention to the trip (travel means spacing tattoo machine magnetic strips and magnetic coils) The itinerary must ensure a minimum of 2.5MM. Because so as to ensure there is enough retractable needle distance to ensure that the needle in the extended can tie into the underlying epidermis, while retracting the needle can be retracted into the tube gets pigment. 
Step Seven: When the tattoo machine to the best condition, right away "foot switch" that - cut off the power supply, tattoo machine is shut down, with the right thumb and forefinger adjust the "fixed knob to adjust" to the state's most tightly locked "regulator button." 
Note: After completing the seven steps above, restart tattoo machine, test machine! Works best! Complete tattoo machine debugging. Tattoo machine in the use of professional regulator, voltage secant used for 9-12V, color or play when using 12-14V fog.
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